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Debt Collection Services

Our debt collection services focus on providing a helpful, supportive, and compassionate approach to resolving debts. We understand that many debts are not accrued willingly, and that’s why we are ready to help consumers reach a point where they can successfully pay off debt and walk away with a fresh start.

Third-Party Consumer Collections

Retain ownership of your receivables while our team manages consumer engagement through professional collection calls, notices, and credit reporting options. Our team of FDCPA-educated and HIPAA-compliance-trained collection professionals can service your delinquent consumer receivables after your internal or outsourced billing or loan servicing strategy has reached the point of diminishing returns.

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Third-Party Commercial Collection Services

Third party B2B collection services are executed in a manner where your valuable client relationship is protected while the delinquent account is worked. We will locate then negotiate with responsible parties to find amicable solutions. Often, we find it's just a matter of clearly communicating the obligation by a capable third party. Depending on the financial circumstances of the responsible party, when appropriate, we may file a claim against a bond or, with your consent, file suit through a network of nationwide attorneys.

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Early Out Collections

Our team of highly skilled customer service professionals can step in the moment an account becomes past-due. When a planned qualifying revenue source considered to underwrite a loan or contract is unsuccessful, our team is prepared to identify self-pay consumers to divert them from conventional collection strategies. We are equipped to accommodate time consuming billing situations that are outside the scope of your expertise, allowing your staff the time to concentrate on your core business.

Legal Outsourcing

We consider litigation to be an unequivocal last resort in an account recovery process. Nonetheless, certain situations will warrant this final step. Through a network of nationwide attorney relationships, we are capable of escalating accounts to litigation at a client’s request or as part of a multiple tiered strategy.

Late-Stage Collections

Providing continuous compliance focused collection services until a resolution is attained while monitoring the statute of limitations and the age of obsolescence for credit reporting.

Receivables Purchase

Convert your inactive assets into working capital. We can valuate your portfolio of non-performing receivables then make a fair market offer for an immediate one-time purchase. Additionally, we may engage in an agreement to purchase future receivables at a set rate at certain intervals over a predetermined period, thereby allowing for immediate and predictable cash flow.