Lockhart, Morris & Montgomery, Inc.

About Lockhart, Morris and Montgomery

Lockhart, Morris and Montgomery is a third-party collection agency operating nationwide and headquartered in Richardson, Texas. Since our establishment in 2004, we have been determined to reinvent the public perception of the collection industry by building honest relationships with both the clients and consumers we serve.

Results are achieved through a compliance-first, data-driven strategy that has proven successful with meeting revenue goals for receivables at any stage of delinquency.

We are prepared to be a partner and ally for all parties involved in the debt resolution process. Our collection team helps clients resolve delinquent accounts while maintaining their brand integrity and customer relationships.

We share a common belief that every person wants to pay a valid debt. People typically have good intentions which we support with genuine caring, encouragement and understanding.

About Us

At Lockhart, Morris & Montgomery, we understand the complexities of the ever-evolving receivables market. Every account assigned to our agency is allocated to a team equipped to guide an effective collection process.

The agents on our teams are:

We do not approach consumers with a pay-it-or-else mentality and understand that unique circumstances surrounding individual accounts typically benefit from a positive attitude, realistic solutions, and attainable goals.

Our personal touch to receivables management provides unparalleled quality of service to consumers and clients alike.

Core Values


• Our team members strive to be helpful, supportive, and compassionate in all interactions. • We are committed to contributing to the success of all those that our efforts impact. • We believe that everyone wants to pay their bills. They just may need a little help in getting there.

Spirit of Excellence

• Understanding that we are imperfect beings and maintaining a mindset of continuous growth. • Improving the condition of every circumstance we enter. • Every day we strive to enact positive changes ensuring that tomorrow we will be better than we were yesterday. Extraordinary results require extraordinary effort!


• We operate as a single unit, sharing common goals, values, and achievements. • LMM is a team, we are unified in achieving our clients goals and delivering positive outcomes for consumers.


• Showing great respect to our clients and to every consumer with whom we interact. • Always adhering to applicable federal, state, and local regulations. • Doing what is right, shedding a positive light on those that we serve.

Positive attitude

• Collection efforts delve into challenging subject matter for those involved. We believe in approaching every situation from an encouraging and optimistic perspective. • A positive attitude is always a step in the right direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lockhart, Morris & Montgomery, Inc. collects for a variety of different creditors across multiple asset classes, including healthcare, education, finance, commercial freight and logistics, utilities, and various retail.

Lockhart, Morris & Montgomery, Inc. is a collection agency. If they are reporting information to your credit report, this would indicate that you have a collection account assigned to them by a current creditor. If you are unsure about the information, you should contact them for verification. 

If Lockhart, Morris & Montgomery appears on your credit report, you probably have a collection account assigned to them by a creditor.

For more information about Lockhart, Morris & Montgomery appearing on your credit report, you can contact them by telephone at 877-214-3355 or mail at 1401 N. Central Expy, Ste. 225, Richardson, TX 75080.