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Long-Term Value Working with Lockhart, Morris & Montgomery

Stressed Small Business Owner in Need of Third Party Collections Help

When businesses form, the plan is to stick around for the long term and make a solid impression on the industry it’s in over the years. For any business with success goals, maximizing revenue collection is crucial for maintaining a healthy bottom line and staying on track.  However, managing accounts receivable and collecting past due […]

How to Hire the Right Debt Collector Online

Searching online for debt collection services is common in a world where consumers need solutions “now.” However, there is a plethora of national companies to pick from, and choosing the right third-party collection partner is a challenge. After all, working with a third-party collections agency like Lockhart, Morris & Montgomery, Inc. (LMM, Inc.) Is an […]

The Year-End Collection Crunch: How a Collection Agency Can Help

As the holidays quickly approach, many businesses view them as a time to tally up accounts receivable from the year and start collecting past-due invoices. However, year-end collections can present unique challenges. Customers may be less responsive during the busy holiday season, so your staff spends valuable holiday time playing PI to track them down. […]

When is It Time to Call in a Collection Agency?

Stressed Business Owner Who Needs a Collection Agency

Dealing with late or non-paying customers is an unfortunate reality for many businesses.  While you want to maintain good relationships with customers, you also need to get paid for goods and services rendered. At what point should you escalate matters and bring in an experienced collections agency? Knowing when to hand off seriously late accounts […]

6 Myths About Debt Collection Agencies

debt collection agency myths

When you are a business that provides services to the public or private sector, customer debt is an issue you’re bound to face. From medical debt to student loan debt, the team at Lockhart, Morris & Montgomery has seen it all and has helped brands of all sizes settle debt collection issues to bring their […]